Pamphlets: AA Recovery

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P01This is AAThis pamphlet gives a brief description of what AA is, the problem of alcoholism and the solution offered by AA.€0.19
P02Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout the AA programme of recovery from alcoholic€0.32
P06*Who Me?A pamphlet based on the experience of AA giving information on alcoholic, a set of questions to help anyone who is unsure and a brief description on the AA programme of recovery.€0.17
P09Young People in AAPamphlet written by younger people in AA for younger people. It gives information on the problem of alcoholism, a set of self diagnostic questions and the personal stories of several younger members of Alcoholics Anonymous.€0.38
P10AA for the WomanAn introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous for the woman.€0.38
P11Three Talks to Medical SocietyThree talks given to Medical Societies by Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill W.€0.61
P12Gay & Lesbian AlcoholicAn introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous for Gay and Lesbian people who may have a problem with alcohol. The pamphlet also contains personal stories of Gay and Lesbian members.€0.54
P13It Sure Beats Sitting in a CellFurther information for those with the penal system, providing information on alcoholism and personal stories of members who have experienced the penal system.€0.32
P15Jack Alexander ArticleA copy of the well known article about Alcoholics Anonymous written by the journalist Jack Alexander.€0.32
P17*Questions & Answers on SponsorshipA pamphlet containing useful information for members seeking sponsorship and for members wishing to sponsor others.€0.19
P19What Happened to Joe?Story of a young construction worker and his drinking problem, told in brightly coloured “comic book” style.€0.32
P20It Happened to AliceEasy to read “comic book” style pamphlet for women alcoholics.€0.32
P21AA and the Armed ServicesAn introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous from members of the Armed Services.€0.61
P22Do you think you're different?A series of experiences from members from different walks of life, ethnicity and background for those with an alcohol problem who think they may be different.€0.38
P23Is there an Alcoholic in your life?Information on alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous for those who may know someone who may have a drink problem.€0.32
P24Too Young?Personal experiences and information for young people who may have an alcohol problem.€0.32
P25AA for the Older AlcoholicInformation on alcoholism and AA for the older person who may have a problem with alcohol.€0.51
P03*Is AA for You?A set of 12 questions to help newcomers decide if AA is for them.€0.13
P04*15 PointsA pamphlet containing 15 points for an alcoholic to consider when confronted with the urge to drink.€0.08
P05*A Newcomer AsksA set of questions and answers found by experience to be most frequent in the minds of newcomers when first approaching AA.€0.13
P07How it Works A6A brief description of the programme of recovery as described in the beginning of the fifth chapter of the book 'Alcoholics Anonymous'.€0.13
P07AHow it Works A4Content the same as P07 but in A4 size.€0.25
P07BHow it Works A4 in IrishIrish content the same as P07A but in Irish.€0.13
P08*Now that You've StoppedA set of simple suggestions based on experience to help the newcomer to stay away from the first drink.€0.09
P18Problems other than AlcoholExperience and suggestions for members dealing with problems other than alcohol.€0.22
P50*12 Step Wallet PackA selection of items marked '*' contained in a blue wallet.€1.72
P14Meeting in a PocketApprox  3" x 4" in size. Includes Preamble, Steps, Traditions, Extracts from the Big Book and Step Prayers.€0.25
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