Pamphlets: AA Unity & Service

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P26The AA GroupUseful information on how an AA groups functions including information on Group Officers, types of meetings and more.€0.41
P27AA Tradition - How it DevelopedPublication that traces the history and development of the Twelve Traditions.€0.41
P2812 Traditions IllustratedA guide to the development and application of the Twelve Traditions in picture form.€0.61
P30The Co-Founders & Last TalksPamphlet contains brief biographical sketches of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous including transcripts of their last talks.€0.41
P31Understanding AnonymityExplanation of the Alcoholics Anonymous Tradition of Anonymity giving details of how it developed and how it is practiced in the Fellowship.€0.34
P32AA Service Handbook for IrelandGuidelines for the Structure of AA in Ireland€1.04
P42Conference Decisions HandbookDecisions taken at the various General Service Conference of Ireland Meetings€0.72
P3312 Concepts for World ServicePrinciples of service that have emerged from AAs service accomplishments and mistakes since its beginning are set forth by Bill W.€5.21
P34AA Group Financial Guidelines and Record BookProvides information on Finance in AA and pages to record accounts.€0
P35AA as a Resource to the Healthcare ProfessionalPamphlet provides information on Alcoholics Anonymous to the medical profession explaining how AA can co-operate to bring the alcoholic into recovery.€0.34
P3612 Steps IllustratedThe Twelve Step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous explained in pictures€0.41
P37A Clergyman asks of AAPamphlet contains information on Alcoholics Anonymous for members of the Clergy.€0.34
P38AA in Correctional FacilitiesPamphlet contains information on Alcoholics Anonymous for officers and staff of correctional facilities.€0.20
P39AA in Treatment FacilitiesShares experience of treatment facility administrators and of AAs who have carried the message into these facilities.€0.41
P40If you are a Professional...Directed at professionals of all types who deal with alcoholics; explains how AAs and non-AAs can work together.€0.34
P41Growing into ServicePamphlet giving information on service posts within the Fellowship, covering all aspects for service through the Structure.€1.15
P45Memo to an InmateA message from AAs who have themselves been inmates. Their personal stories offer a new outlook to inmate alcoholics who want to know how AA can help/€0.27
P4612 Concepts IllustratedBrief easy-to-read text and clever illustrations make the Twelve Concepts for World Service clear and understandable.€0.61
M20AA's Legacy of ServiceIn this foreword to The AA Service Manual Bill W. describes the beginnings of group and general services, the origin of the Traditions, and the birth of the Conference.€0.36
M21Circles of LoveThis leaflet outlines our service structure in full-colour diagrams.€0.18
M22G.S.R.For a new general service representative, this leaflet outlines responsibilities and useful sources of information; for a group, what to keep in mind when electing a GSR.€0.16
P29Inside AAExplains the AA service structure in the US and Canada, describing all elements linking member and group with the General Service Conference.€0.12
P55A Brief Guide to AADescribes the AA programme and offers general information on AA€1.25
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