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The History of the Road Back

The first edition of the Road Back was issued by the First Dublin Group in April 1949 and has been continually issued since.

The first Road Back was three pages of single space stencilled typing intended as a vehicle for the group to communicate with the larger, rapidly growing A.A. world everywhere.  By the second issue it was quoting a letter from Bill D. (A.A. member number 3), by August a letter from Bill W. himself and quoting Conor F. the Irish founder directly as he and Margaret were again back on vacation from the U.S.  It was soon listing newsletters and other events from all over the world including some comparatively nearby as in Belfast and London.  Sobriety anniversaries were there from the beginning and new Irish groups as in Dun Laoghaire, Cork, Ranelagh, Bundoran, Limerick and Belfast.

Sackville edited the Road Back for twenty eight and a half years and gave it up in 1976 as his health faltered.

In all those years Miss Gillespie cut the single spaced stencils and reproduced the Road Back for a very modest charge.  Sackville mailed copies around the world and articles were frequently picked up in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the U.S. to be re-used.

After Sackville retired, the First Dublin Group continued to publish the Road Back with Sean M. as Editor. – Followed by Fr. Pat.

In 1981 the General Service Board became the Editor of the Road Back, and have continued its publication to date.  In 1992 on the suggestion of Conference, the Road Back was re-vamped into its present format.  Mindful of its long tradition the General Service Board tried not to alter dramatically the tone or contents of the magazine, retaining all of the well known features, while introducing many new features. 

Members are invited to submit articles for inclusion in the Road Back magazine, by emailing or posting articles to the General Service Office.

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