Contributions Area

In keeping with Tradition 7, only Members of AA may contribute to the Fellowship and keep its vital services available to all members.

By contributing, you are confirming that you are indeed a member of AA.
For contributions from Individual Members, we do ask for your email address purely so that we can send you an electronic receipt.

For Groups/Area/Intergroup wishing to contribute, please select the option for Groups/Area/Intergroup Contributions. Your official AA email address will be required along with your Group Number / Group Name.

It is possible to make a contribution using Paypal, Apple Pay, G-Pay, Debit & Credit card and by Electronic Transfer.

If you wish to setup and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your bank, our details are:

IBAN: IE63 AIBK 9323 5318 4020 47

**If contributing on behalf of your AA Group, please put your Group Number e.g. L123/C123 etc. in the ‘Reference’ field on the EFT**

On behalf of GSBAA, Thank you for your continued support.