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There are several Events throughout the year, hosted by different regions of Alcoholics Anonymous. These Events include the Annual All Ireland Convention, various Area Conventions and One-Day Events. 

The purpose of these Events is to carry the AA message of recovery to current members and to those who have yet to find sobriety. These Events also give members of AA an opportunity to share their collective recovery experiences, to renew old friendships and to make new ones. 

These Events generally have a chosen Theme. WIth the exception of the Annual All Ireland Convention, these Events are usually organised by local Groups with the assistance of the local Area Commitee. One-Day Events included Days of Gratitude, Workshops and Public Information Meetings. 

There is no pre-registration process. Registration takes place on arrival at the Event and there is usually a small cover fee. 

Those attending should make their own arrangements for accommodation, meals etc. 

Al Anon is usually present at Conventions. 

All Ireland Convention 2020

The 63rd All Ireland Convention takes place in:                                                                          

The Bloomfield House Hotel, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath


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